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We invite you to partner with us to love and serve those in our community. Your support in the form of monetary donations, food, clothing, and your valuable time as a volunteer can provide relief from poverty, and make an immense difference to the lives of those in need.

How You Can Help


By giving money, you provide crucial resources that empower us to deliver essential services and support to the most vulnerable members of our society. Your financial contribution acts as a lifeline, helping us extend a helping hand to those facing hardships and challenges.

4Life Care & training

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ACCOUNT: 1075 9966


Your donation of food and clothing directly addresses the immediate needs of individuals and families struggling with hunger and inadequate shelter. Your generosity can bring warmth, nourishment, and a sense of dignity to those who have been deprived of life’s basic necessities.

Please deliver all of your donations to our friendly volunteer team in Port Macquarie. 


Your willingness to volunteer your time and skills can create a profound impact on our mission. By dedicating your valuable hours, you become an agent of change, spreading compassion and hope to those who need it most. Your presence, guidance, and support can provide a ray of light in someone’s darkest moments.

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At 4Life Care & Training we value the contribution that our volunteers make to support our staff and help our operation run efficiently and smoothly.

Our volunteers support us in a wide range of activities, such as fundraising, providing support in the office, assisting with the collection and delivery of food, packing parcels for clients, stocking shelves, shopping and helping out at special events and other various activities within the business.

We give volunteers the opportunity of performing various duties and providing training for future job opportunities in the community.

We want our volunteers to feel they are directly contributing to the work of 4Life Care & Training.

How to Volunteer with 4Life Care & Training

  1. Pick up an Application Pack from our office

  2. Complete all forms in the Application Pack and return to office 

  3. After your acceptance as a volunteer:

  • Acceptance will be on a 3 month trial period

  • You will be required to read the Protocols and Procedures manual and sign off on each policy

  •  Attend volunteer meetings

For other information on volunteering you may find 

a useful website.

Monetary Donations

Together we can help relieve poverty.  And best of all! … donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.



Leaving a charitable bequest in your will to 4Life Care & Training will help relieve poverty, providing living skills workshops and assist in emergencies in  the Mid North Coast.

Emergency Appeals

Donate to current emergency appeals eg: homelessness, bushfires. Hit our donate button for details

Corporate Partnerships

Partner with 4Life Care & Training to demonstrate your corporate social responsibility.



Donate money fortnightly, monthly to help put food on the table for a family in need..


Other Donations

We are a Donation Gift Recipient (DGR) approved, charitable, not-for-profit organization.

Donating Food

The NSW Food Authority states that “Food that is donated or given away has certain requirements for safety and cleanliness. Organizations must ensure the food is safe to eat, and properly handled and stored.”

The Law on Donating Food

The Civil Liability Act 2002 was amended in 2005 so that businesses donating food to charitable organizations are protected from liability as long as certain safety conditions are met. The legislation stipulates protection for businesses if:

the food is donated in good faith for a charitable or benevolent purpose

the food is donated with the intention that the receiver of the food does not have to pay for the food

the food is safe to eat when it leaves the possession or control of the donor\the donor gives the charity any information it needs to ensure the ongoing safety of the food, with respect to both food handling and time limits for safe consumption.

‘Use-by’ and ‘Best Before’ Dates

Food that is marked with a ‘use-by’ date must be eaten or thrown away by that date.  Charities that receive food that will pass its use-by date before distribution are urged to throw the food away.

Food marked as ‘best before’ can be sold or distributed after the date has passed, provided the food is otherwise fit to eat.

Charities that Provide Food

The NSW Food Authority and NSW Government recognize the valuable work charities, organizations and volunteers do in providing or selling food for charitable purposes.

The special roles of charities and community groups has been recognized in food laws and certain exemptions apply to help make sure these organizations can continue their valuable work in the community.

What do Volunteers Need to Know?

A number of volunteers at 4Life Care & Training Ltd have undergone a ‘Food Handling & Safety’ course to ensure that the correct protocols and procedures are followed when handling the food you receive in your parcels.

What Can You Donate?

Bakeries can donate bread, bread rolls, plain cakes, bread rolls with baked-on ham and cheese toppings.

Supermarkets can donate damaged cans and unlabeled items providing seals are not broken. Cartons that are damaged providing internal packets are not opened.

The public can donate unwanted groceries, home-grown fruit and vegetables.

More information can be accessed through: