At 4Life Care & Training we value the contribution that our volunteers make to support our staff and help our operation run efficiently and smoothly.

Our volunteers support us in a wide range of activities, such as fundraising, providing support in the office, assisting with the collection and delivery of food, packing parcels for clients, stocking shelves, shopping and helping out at special events and other various activities within the business.

We give volunteers the opportunity of performing various duties and providing training for future job opportunities in the community.

We want our volunteers to feel they are directly contributing to the work of 4Life Care & Training.

How to Volunteer with 4Life Care & Training

  1. Pick up an Application Pack from our office
  2. Complete all forms in the Application Pack and return to office – a date will be arranged for you to attend an interview
  3. Attend interview and induction session
  4. After your acceptance as a volunteer:
  • Acceptance will be on a 3 month trial period
  • Attend a compulsory training session
  • You will be required to read the Protocols and Procedures manual and sign off on each policy
  •  Attend regular volunteer  meetings

For other information on volunteering you may find http://www.volunteering.com.au/ a useful website.


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